About speaking and other ramblings

I started speaking way before I realized I was speaking - today speaking has become an essential part of me - when I, back in 2014, came across an epic video, How to avoid death By PowerPoint by David JP Phillips I was drawn in. I began exploring the skills and science behind speaking and quickly sat out on a mission to start transforming slide-driven presentations to speaking. I have built up an extensive speaking experience in front of large groups as well as in more focused settings on a wide variety of formats.

I am the founding member of the Windows Management User Group, Denmark (formerly Everything Windows User Group, Denmark) and Windows Management User Group for Education. I have facilitating numerous seminars and events and have made several speaker appearances over the years. With a passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of humor, I am an acknowledged speaker.

I am not really a professional speaker, I do not have a degree in public speaking, and I am an introvert

A massive amount of energy goes into all my talks and I am continuously refining style and techniques, as Being an Introvert and a speaker always requires a lot of efforts and I always strives to blend education with entertainment by ensuring substance and engagement with the audience.


You will often find me speaking at user groups and technology events, usually talking about usability, security, and manageability on the Windows platform - after all, I am a Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices, and I consider Windows a core part of the Microsoft 365 universe - however my passion for embracing good presentation skills, often get me opportunity to share feedback on sessions and talks - if you need feedback, just ask.

Speaking at your event

If you would like me to speak at your user group meeting, your conference or corporate event feel free to reach out - see the Contact page for contact details.