Thanks for your interest and for wanting to get in touch with me – this page lists the channels I prefer and general use. I will respond to all legitimate contacts.

[email protected]
The easiest way if you want to reach out, is by e-mail – expect respond within a ‘timely manner’.

Twitter is my primary channel of broadcasting things to the world, so please follow me there. I read Direct Messages (DMs) and allow them from people I do not follow.

My background and professional career are covered at LinkedIn. I attempt to review the content once or twice a year. I accepts connections from people I have met, worked with, spoken with or otherwise had enough interaction with to feel that I can call them a professional contact. I does not respond to requests from people I does not know and/or request without a personal message.

I generally only accepts friend requests from people I know well enough to invite them into my personal life; and is selective about who I connects with. Please accept my apology, I will most likely not notice you are trying to reach out to me, before sometime in a distant future – see ‘Why I abandoned Facebook

If scheduled to talk with you, find me on Skype via my e-mail address. For anything else, please use e-mail or Twitter, as I keep Skype connections to those who really need to communicate over that channel. I does not respond to requests from people I do not know.