Who I am, what I do, and random facts

My name is Jesper Nielsen, I am a Principal Architect and Technology Provocateur, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional ( MVP ) and former Windows Insider MVP ( WIMVP ). I have been working hands-on with small- and large-scale IT-Infrastructure in many different industries.

I bring a wide range of experience in enterprise level End-user computing solutions. Although my primary focus has always been Windows Management and End User Experience, I have a strong passion for areas around Endpoint Security, Endpoint Baselining and Endpoint Management and everything within the reach of End User Devices.

It is my job to visualize Microsoft technologies to IT Professionals, organizations, and corporations, embracing the philosophy behind Modern Work and Security. Assisting to apply User Centric strategies, helping define goals to transform and move organizations and corporations towards Microsoft 365 fueled Modern Workplace, Modern Security and Modern Management.

Who I am, and what I do

With a long background in supporting Windows technologies, I have designed and implemented several generations of Windows and is always happy to share my knowledge around this subject and related technologies.

I have facilitating numerous seminars and events and have made several speaker appearances over the years. With a passionate style of delivery, combined with a sense of humor, I have made me an acknowledged speaker.

Community rocks

I am active in the community and you often find me at user group events as both speaker and attendee. I am founding member of Windows Management User Group Denmark , commonly known as ‘WMUGdk’ and I am part of the team running Workplace Ninjas User group Danmark .

I have been involved in numerous community meetings, community events and conferences and I am always willing to participate as a speaker, participant or supporter because #communityrocks.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members .

Being an active member in a community is greatly satisfying, and I encourage everybody to join a community, it sums up to it is all about contributing to, and benefiting from the ‘common good’, so hop on board and get involved in a community.

Random facts

I finished a marathon around the four hours’ mark, I have been a gymnastics instructor for more than 30 years and is often found roller-skating, mountain biking or just walking in my neighborhood.

I do the work I do, because I am loving it, I like the people I meets and is always embracing the inner nerd and good presentation skills.

I always enjoy exploring technology and guide my kids into new technologies and is currently teaching myself C# for Windows app development.

I was awarded the MVP Status for Windows and Devices for IT, July, 2016.

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