Microsoft MVP award 2020-2021

July 3, 2020 21:53 by Jesper Nielsen • 3 minutes to read

Back in 2016, Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for the first time. Fast forward to 2020, July 1st was no different from that last five years, repeatedly pressing F5. Late in the afternoon, local time, I received the e-mail I had been waiting for all day.

Dear Jesper Nielsen,

We’re once again pleased to present you with the 2020-2021 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award in recognition of your exceptional technical community leadership. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in the following technical communities during the past year:

  • Windows and Devices for IT

I am honored to receive my fifth Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award. I always have taking pride in being up to date, being the ‘go-to person’ and am always willing to help and support customers, colleagues, and the tech communities. This, I believe, is a big part of the reason I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices for IT award since 2016.

I am one, out of a declining number of Microsoft MVPs in the Windows and Devices for IT category; Only 42 globally and I am still the only Microsoft MVP in that category in Denmark. I am particularly proud to be within the Windows and Devices for IT category. Being part of this amazing program makes me proud and I am honored my contributions are recognized and rewarded with a Microsoft MVP Award fifth year in a row.

I have nothing but positive words to share about the Microsoft MVP program. The five years since I was first awarded, have gone by very quickly and being a Microsoft MVP has bought some amazing opportunities. As a professional endorsement the Microsoft MVP Award has been invaluable, and the renewal is much appreciated.

Being a Microsoft MVP is only made possible by the support from my family, my colleagues, the community around Windows Management User Group, Denmark ( ( , the people involved and their huge support.

Thank you to my employer, without the support and their trust in me, getting re-award would not have been possible!

What it takes to be a Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices for IT

Granted, most of my professional time goes with devices management, navigating all the various portal in the Microsoft 365 eco-system and Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a vital part of that journey. But I have a strong passion for End User Experience, and I believe in, you need to have an extensive knowledge about “what you manage” and not so much “how to manage”. Being a Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices for IT makes me want to know just a bit more, a bit deeper and a bit wider, and knowing Windows from the ground up help me build and deliver well proven prototypes with focus on End User Experience - the management side of this, is (IMHO) just a means to get there, because you have to know what you are managing, to truly understand what you are delivering.

What it takes to be an MVP

The Microsoft MVP Award gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate, honor and say thank you to top-notch technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities. These technology experts have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies and love to share their knowledge.

While there is no single way to become an MVP, some great examples that showcase MVPs and the passion, community spirit and leadership they have exhibited to earn the MVP award, check out the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional website .