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My favorite tools

January 31, 2022 by Jesper Nielsen • 8 minutes to read

Everyone has their own collection of favorites tools and utilities; most people I know have a list of tools they feel are essential. This is my favorites tools and utilities; I use every week or even every day and others are in the category nice to know about. I strive to use free tools only; I might have added one or two non-free tools to the list as they are essential to me and worth the money.

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Why I abandoned Facebook

August 1, 2018 by Jesper Nielsen • 3 minutes to read

I have not put any updates on Facebook for more than three months, and these days I often get text messages complaining I am not replying on some “Messenger thing”. Reason: I have abandoned Facebook! Bullshit limit reached Basically, I reached my bullshit limit and realized Facebook did not give me anything useful and all I was doing was wasting my time - Do not get me wrong, I really like stuff from e.

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