New job and new voyages

September 1, 2022 21:34 by Jesper Nielsen • 1 minut to read

A new chapter opened this morning, and I am happy to share that I joined Atea Danmark in a role as Principal Architect & Technology Provocateur.

It was all about timing, and Atea a/s has given an excellent opportunity to evolve further. It has been a tremendous time collaborating with the team and people I leave, a huge shoutout to the team, it has been a crazy ride and a wonderful experience - thank you all!

Not a big change from where my main focus has been from the very beginning, still deep into Windows and Windows devices, but added everything Microsoft 365 on the way, however still with main focus on the device experience, security and modern management.

Looking forward, taking us to an even higher level with #Microsoft, together with a talented team and #microsoft365 champions spread around the entire organization, keep jumping in and out of my comfort zone.

This announcement was posted on LinkedIn as well.


Header image attribution: Atea a/s