Jesper Nielsen is the founder of the Everything Windows User Group, Denmark and is active in the community and can often be found at user group events as both speaker and attendee. He has been facilitating numerous seminars and events and has made several speaker appearances over the years were his passionate style of delivery, combined with his sense of humor, has made him a recognize speaker.

Jesper started speaking way before he realized he was speaking – speaking has become an essential part of him – when he, back in 2014, came across How to avoid death By PowerPoint by David JP Phillips, he was completely drawn in. He started exploring the skills and science behind speaking and started transforming slide-driven presentations to speaking. Jesper has extensive experience speaking in front of large groups as well as in more focused settings on a wide variety of formats.

I am not really a professional speaker, I don’t have a degree in public speaking and I am an introvert

A massive amount of energy goes into all his talks and he is continuing refining his approach over time, as Being an Introvert and a speaker always requires a lot of efforts and he always strives to blend education with entertainment by ensuring substance and engagement with the audience.


Jesper Nielsen can often be found speaking at technology events, usually talking about usability, security and manageability on the Windows platform – after all he is a Microsoft MVP for Windows and Devices – but also giving feedback on sessions and talks.

Ready to go talks

Being an introvert and a speaker

Audience: All | Level: 200 | Language: English & Danish

I am not really a professional speaker, I don’t have a degree in public speaking and I am an introvert.

Thinking about it, a smile, running a marathon, storytelling, science and procrastination doesn’t seem to have much in common, however they are all equal influences when delivering a presentation.

Getting nervous before a speech happens. Being an introvert, speaking in public is hard, a billion things can go wrong. So, what is it, that makes speaking so hard – I tell you, because it not the speech, it’s practice, countless hours of practice!

In this session I will share my tips to: Help you ‘Be yourself’, ‘Be a Performer’, ‘Control your nerves’, ‘Calm your body (most of all your brain)’ and how you can deliver a technical presentation, even if you are an introvert and truly want to be somewhere else.

What makes great user experience simple?

Audience: IT Influencers and Implementers | Level: 300 | Language: English & Danish

Building and deploying Windows is becoming simpler, but what makes a great User Experience and what does it take to balance User Experience, Security and Manageability equally.

Simplicity is one method, but simplicity, when correctly applied, results in ease of use. However; simplicity and ease of use are not the same concepts.

There are many ways to achieve ease of use, and simplicity—the reduction of the unessential—is one of them.

This session elaborates how you get the power to rapidly prototyping Windows 10 with the features your users need while achieving simplicity through actual reduction or removal.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.—Albert Einstein

Power is all about enabling your users and making them productive. Simplicity is all about removing the unessential and presenting features the right way. By understanding your target users and achieving the right balance of features and presentation, you can build your Windows 10 platform with ease and ensure great User Experience.

Speaking at your event

If you would like Jesper to speak at your user group meeting, your conference or corporate event feel free to reach out to him – see the about page for contact details.