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How to fix Microsoft Teams web client stuck in a login loop

February 19, 2022 by Jesper Nielsen • 2 minutes to read

The last couple of days, I experienced the Microsoft Teams web client to be stuck in a login loop, when trying to sign into Microsoft Teams in Microsoft Edge and the site continually loops, and I am not able to sign in. Microsoft Teams web client login error Turns out there is a solution (and most likely required if you use any security baselines settingsā€¦), and for me, it turns out the issues has arisen over night, however the course of the issues wasn’t new, but Microsoft Edge version 99.

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How to launch the Windows Settings app from Command line

November 19, 2021 by Jesper Nielsen • 2 minutes to read

The Windows Settings app is the entry point for everyday maintenance, configuration, and setup, and can be easily opened with Win + I keyboard shortcut, by clicking on the Settings icon in the Start Menu or Notification Center or by searching for it in the Windows Start Menu. However, now, and then I need to ease the access to a particular Windows Settings page directly, and this can be easily achieved from either the Run dialog box, the Command Prompt, or using PowerShell.

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